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Chocolate! Review: Tupla Dark

Tupla Dark
60% cocoa
Else/muuta: includes nougat - nuts/ sisältää nougaata - pähkinää
Made in Finland

The classic Tupla (Fin. double) has two small bars of milk chocolate covering nougat and almond crush. Tupla Dark is a similar product, except its extremely sweet nougat is covered with darker chocolate. Also, the product's wrapping looks very similar to the classic version of Tupla (also by Cloetta). The main difference is in the wrapping's colours: instead of golden tones, this product has somewhat bronze tones. If you have both the shiny gold and bronze to choose, gold can look more attractive. It's just brighter and therefore maybe lovelier like white Apple devices beside grey standard computers...

The plastic wrapping is clued tightly but it's not impossible to open with bare hands. :) Inside you'll find two bars of Tupla, almost like two little bar-like biscuits. They're on a white cardboard slate, which helps you to keep your fingers and table clean from chocolate. However, the plastic wrapping alone would do that too, so in the end the slate is just on your way and creates more junk.

How does this sweet double bar taste like? Well, because of the nougat filling, it indeed is sweet, sweet like pure white sugar on your tongue with nutty side flavour. The dark cover is very thin, paper thin to be exact, and so also the dark side of this product doesn't quite win over its sweetness. Those, who are afraid of the bittnerness of darkest dark chocolates, wouldn't probably find this double bar too 'offensive' by its taste. But if you're not a fan of nougat crush that sticks between your teeth, stay away from Tupla bars.

It's not easy to judge this product. I've eaten the classic Tupla every now and then since from my childhood and usually just mistakenly, because the wrapping resembles a lot the wrapping of Mars bars. This product could be an introduction to the world of dark chocolate for someone. But it would be more joyful without with these irritating little pieces of almond...

Points: 3/5

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